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Customized College Boot Camp

Customized College Boot Camp

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 Customized College Admissions Boot Camp         

Complete program that is customized around your schedule and location. (Available virtually)

We recommend College Application Boot Camps for:

  • Current high school juniors who will be rising seniors this summer.
  • International students, enrolled in U.S. colleges.
  • Students interested in working in small groups and one-on-one consultations with personalized assistance.

Why are College Admissions Boot Camps so valuable?

As a current junior who will be rising senior or an international student seeking to transfer, you will:

  • Receive inside tips, recommendations and expert advice.
  • Design an activity sheet that makes you shine as a qualified candidate.
  • Receive an approved list of 15 colleges that best match your credentials, education, interests and goals.
  • Write a "Why the college" essay that will dazzle the admissions committee.
  • Learn to impress admissions officers or alumni in interviews.
  • Garner the right recommendations that will make you shine.
  • Finish your Common Application and/or non-Common Application before your senior year starts!!
  • Gain a competitive edge in the hyper-competitive college admissions environment!

General Topics to be covered:

  • Standardized test preparation planning.
  • Choosing the right college for you.
  • Top Schools Review.
  • What are top colleges looking for.
  • Planning effective senior year summer and fall campus visits.
  • Developing a College Admissions Pre-and Post-Calendar.
  • Case Study: An Admissions Committee Review.
  • Special sessions for student-athletes and student-artists.
  • Post-Admissions Process


I.  College Applications, Essays & Letters of Recommendations

  • Avoid application anxiety and jitters.
  • Learn the "How To's", and the Do's and Don't's" of the application process.
  • Learn how to develop your Common Application and supplemental essays.
  • Learn how to develop your "college-specific" essays.
  • Answer specific questions about your essays.
  • Learn how to obtain stellar recommendations.

II.  Highlighting Your Personal Qualities and Achievements - Stand out from the crowd!

  • Accentuate your accomplishments.
  • Showcase your talents and achievements.
  • Distinguish yourself from the thousands of other students applying to your top-choice schools!

III.  College Interviews

  • Learn about the different types of interviews.
  • Participate in mock interviews with former admissions and alumni representatives.
  • Receive mock interview training.
  • Receive feedback to build confidence and polish your interviewing skills.

Additional Follow-up Services:

  • Fall application review, up to 5 applications, including your early action/decision application.
  • Fall pre-submission application review, including supplementals, follow-up.
  • Fall admissions strategies consultation tune-up.


Call us 1-877-EXAM-123 to set up your date, time, and location details.

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