• Summertime & College Applications

    College applications ask a lot of different things from students. It is very common for college applications to ask more of students beyond GPA and test scores. Many college applications ask for personalized essays explaining why the student should be accepted into the school. These extra steps are used as a means of seeing how students stand out and are used to filter out less substantial candidates. 
  • Reasons to Utilize the June ACT

    In recent years, June has become the most popular time to take the ACT test. The ACT, or American College Test, is offered at many times of the year. In recent years, the June ACT has become the most popular time to issue the standardized test and organize the test prep for it. 
  • The importance of ACT test prep resources

    Despite the recent transition from traditional in-person schools to more hybrid and online classes, many staples of schooling have stood the test of time and have survived this migration. Students are still attending classes at specified times, working to learn new skills, and are trying to set themselves apart so that they may be accepted into a college of their choice. Of course, one of the most important ways to achieve these goals is to do well on standardized tests. As have many students for the last few decades, the newest generation is readying themselves to take the American College Test, or ACT.
  • Colleges Say: Test Optional = BIG Mistake!

    Bottom line test optional takes away opportunities. Testing offers the chance to understand a student academic strengths and help pinpoint potential needs.When we consider the high cost of college families need a testing guide line to help navigate this process. Test optional will take away more advantages for families and tend to serve the colleges.
  • Just Like That! - Preparing For College Entrance Exams

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  • Time to Finally Understand What "Test Optional" Really Means!

    Why I need the SAT/ACT, and what this means for me.
  • College Students: Degree Insurance May Be The Next Big Thing Coming Your Way

    A client was asking what is the most bankable major, and then I saw this...
  • Test Optional Does Not Mean Test Blind

    Test Optional Does Not Mean Test Blind

    Do I need to take the SAT or ACT?

    What test optional policies mean, how to interpret them in times of COVID-19, and how colleges & universities are adopting these policies. 

  • Common Application Launches 2020-2021

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  • Must Haves For Every College Admission

    Do you understand the purpose of your SAT/ACT scores? We'll also let you in on the most prominent things college admissions are looking for.
  • Next Steps - Time Line For Success!


    Case Studies in Test Prep Planning 


    The best way to get a good score on exams is to put together a plan that


    High School Juniors should consider at least two times taking SAT or ACT with the goal of test completion by the end of junior year.


    With a free test offer by The College Review a students strengths and weakness can be identify.


    The College Review  approach is a customized plan for each student based on their academic needs. With a plan in place to take a student beyond exams to the right college placement.


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  • Making An Impression

    Learn How to Impress College Admissions Counselors List eye-catching and meaningful achievements in your college applications to grab their i...