• What To Know About "No-Loan" Colleges

    The cost of attending college has risen for Americans over the last several decades. To help with these rising prices, some schools have opted fo...
  • Test Season Is On The Horizon

    It is already that time of year again. The winter test season has returned. Winter test season garners a lot of attention because many students op...
  • Purdue University Requires SAT or ACT Score for 2024 Admission

    As of Tuesday, November 9th, 2022, Purdue University has announced that they will require an ACT or SAT college entrance exam for 2024 acceptance....
  • Why I Am Thankful for Preparedness

      Some individuals may think of test prep as a chore. They believe a college entrance exam is already tedious and challenging, so they do not want...
  • Don't be Scared of the College Admissions Exam

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    Colleges in the United States typically require prospective students to complete a college entry exam to apply to their schools. The college entry...
  • Summertime & College Applications

    College applications ask a lot of different things from students. It is very common for college applications to ask more of students beyond GPA and test scores. Many college applications ask for personalized essays explaining why the student should be accepted into the school. These extra steps are used as a means of seeing how students stand out and are used to filter out less substantial candidates. 
  • Reasons to Utilize the June ACT

    In recent years, June has become the most popular time to take the ACT test. The ACT, or American College Test, is offered at many times of the year. In recent years, the June ACT has become the most popular time to issue the standardized test and organize the test prep for it. 
  • The importance of ACT test prep resources

    Despite the recent transition from traditional in-person schools to more hybrid and online classes, many staples of schooling have stood the test of time and have survived this migration. Students are still attending classes at specified times, working to learn new skills, and are trying to set themselves apart so that they may be accepted into a college of their choice. Of course, one of the most important ways to achieve these goals is to do well on standardized tests. As have many students for the last few decades, the newest generation is readying themselves to take the American College Test, or ACT.
  • Colleges Say: Test Optional = BIG Mistake!

    Bottom line test optional takes away opportunities. Testing offers the chance to understand a student academic strengths and help pinpoint potential needs.When we consider the high cost of college families need a testing guide line to help navigate this process. Test optional will take away more advantages for families and tend to serve the colleges.
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    Why I need the SAT/ACT, and what this means for me.