• Colleges Say: Test Optional = BIG Mistake!

    Bottom line test optional takes away opportunities. Testing offers the chance to understand a student academic strengths and help pinpoint potential needs.When we consider the high cost of college families need a testing guide line to help navigate this process. Test optional will take away more advantages for families and tend to serve the colleges.
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    Why I need the SAT/ACT, and what this means for me.
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  • Test Optional Does Not Mean Test Blind

    Test Optional Does Not Mean Test Blind

    Do I need to take the SAT or ACT?

    What test optional policies mean, how to interpret them in times of COVID-19, and how colleges & universities are adopting these policies. 

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  • Next Steps - Time Line For Success!


    Case Studies in Test Prep Planning 


    The best way to get a good score on exams is to put together a plan that


    High School Juniors should consider at least two times taking SAT or ACT with the goal of test completion by the end of junior year.


    With a free test offer by The College Review a students strengths and weakness can be identify.


    The College Review  approach is a customized plan for each student based on their academic needs. With a plan in place to take a student beyond exams to the right college placement.


    Call today for more information 1-877-EXAM 123 or visit our 

    website at


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