About Us

The College Review Top Producers of Top Scores


Established in 1989, The College Review pioneered One-on-One and in-class test prep with our 12 week customized program. Since then, we have earned a reputation among college counselors, parents, and students as the leading provider of test prep for high school, college admissions tests, and beyond. Today, The College Review is proud to make our test prep expertise available to students and families across the globe with our online, Private Tutoring, and customizable options for the following programs:

  • PSAT
  • SAT
  • ACT
  • GRE
  • GMAT
  • LSAT

Our Mission

The College Review's mission is to partner with families to help students achieve their college admission goals. We accomplish this by preparing students for their high school admissions exams or their college admissions and beyond. We do this with our proven curriculum, professional tutors, and reaching above the standard in personalized, committed service. We continue to develop and provide new and improved methods for test preparation with innovations like our proprietary Profiling Map Assessment which is the most detailed and prescriptive diagnostic tool available in the test prep industry today.

Our Programs

Maximizing your child's preparation so they can perform at a peak level of effectiveness on the exams is our number one objective. Our programs are designed to fit your budget, your time frame, your child's learning style and your family's priorities.

With our One-on-One, Private Tutoring and small classroom setting we ensure that your child is getting the individual attention that they need. We believe that there are four key components that are fundamental to success and maximizing scores:

- Customized 12 week program combining classroom with private tutoring -- Ensures that your child is getting the individual attention that they need

- Use of professional, trained, tutors who are matched to your child’s needs --- Optimizes the learning interaction

- Custom-developed and time-tested curriculum --- Teaches the key test-taking strategies needed to succeed

- Practice tests --- Using actual College Board and ACT samples, these tests benchmark your child’s progress, and prepares them to perform at the peak of their ability

Our Tutors

The College Review prides itself on the quality of our exceptional family of certified tutors. We carefully screen, perform background checks and hand-select only the most professional and experienced tutors. They have not only achieved high test scores themselves, but also exhibit a passion and talent for teaching, have an engaging personality, and a genuine interest in helping students succeed. Tutors who meet these criteria are trained by The College Review and then tested in dynamic teaching scenarios to ensure they effectively deliver our proprietary lesson material with our proven teaching methods. Only tutors who achieve our high standards, complete our training and demonstrate exceptional teaching skills become College Review tutors. Furthermore, every College Review tutor receives ongoing training from College Review to ensure they continue to provide the focused and effective test preparation for which we are known.

We are proud that College Review tutors attended some of the most reputable educational institutions in the world including Harvard University, Cambridge University, New York University, Northwestern University, University of Notre Dame, Princeton University, Stanford University, UC Berkeley, UCLA, University of Michigan, and the University of Southern California. Their educational background is just one facet of their profile as The College Review tutors. They have engaging personalities and are natural teachers even before they are trained  by The College Review.