Student Journey

Our Mission

The College Review's mission is to partner with families to help students achieve their college admission goals. We accomplish this by preparing students for their high school admissions exams or their college admissions and beyond. We do this with our proven curriculum, professional tutors, and reaching above the standard in personalized, committed service. We continue to develop and provide new and improved methods for test preparation with innovations like our proprietary Profiling Map Assessment which is the most detailed and prescriptive diagnostic tool available in the test prep industry today.


He did it! After using a private ACT tutor with The College Review, Thomas said his writing and ACT scores improved.

Thomas is heading to the University of Cincinnati to major in engineering for a future career in the industry. His great ACT score helped him to get into their outstanding engineering & applied science program.

On top of his increased test score, Thomas has also gained a better understanding of the college admissions process. By learning a new approach to college essays, Thomas has become an expert in this type of writing.

While Thomas is unsure if he will start his schooling directly in the fall, he does know he is looking forward to obtaining a co-op while going to school.

Thomas claims he is "very happy" with his test results and is glad he received help from The College Review. His increased test scores and newfound understanding of the admissions process have helped him get into a good University.




Allison, one of our many College Review students, will be heading to Auburn University to major in biochemistry on the pre-med track!

Allison is an intelligent young student who wanted a little extra help with her studies.

After receiving help with her test preparation and learning more about the college

admissions process, Allison is now excited to start her journey into higher education.

"I am most excited to expand my social horizons and have different experiences than I ever had before."




Ethan is another stand-out student we have had the pleasure of working with here at The College Review. This soon-to-be Clemson freshman is heading to campus soon! Ethan took full advantage of The College Review's ACT private tutoring and said it helped him properly piece together college essays. His hard work paid off!

Ethan claims that he is very happy and satisfied with his time at The College Review. Ethan's hard work and dedication to his studies has lead him to a higher ACT score than he would have otherwise.

Not only is he excited to journey into higher education, but he is also ready to study in the warmer weather. After living in the cold for so long, who can blame him?