Why Take The April ACT?

Why Take The April ACT?

While there are different advantages to taking the ACT during different times of the year, the April exam is by far the most logical time of the school year to take the ACT exam.

The biggest advantage of taking the ACT during April is that it comes at the end of the school year.

While choosing to take your exam during the fall or winter may provide scheduling advantages, it means that your students are missing a big chunk of the year. Material that is covered throughout the school year may appear on the exam, and experiencing this information naturally helps students to reinforce the information. 

On top of receiving extra information, taking the exam during the end of the school year gives students more time to prepare mentally. 

Many students who take a fall exam have to readjust themselves after taking a break from learning, and it can be difficult to transition into a big test that quickly. During the spring, however, students have been at work for months and have experienced several cycles of studying and tests.

The last major advantage to taking the ACT during April is that it does not interfere with other testing times. 

At the very end of the school year, students are in the midst of AP exams and their semester's final exams. These tests are important for maintaining a high GPA and take a lot of energy for students to do well on.

One advantage of the April exam is that it allows students to avoid studying for multiple tests at the same time without having to eat into their break. Many families plan vacations during the summer and winter break, and students don't want to have to worry about their college entrance exams during these times.

All in all, proper timing is key to not only performing well during this busy period of school, but for remaining engaged and keeping a cool head.

If your student is planning on taking the April ACT this year, make sure you get them the test preparation they need to succeed this spring. The College Review offers a variety of ACT test preparation so that your student can remain at ease and study during their down time.
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