When Should my Eleventh Grader Take the College Entrance Exam? Why the Date Matters!

When Should my Eleventh Grader Take the College Entrance Exam? Why the Date Matters!

Colleges in the United States typically require prospective students to complete a college entry exam to apply to their schools. The college entry exam can take the form of either the SAT or the ACT. A good predictor of which test would suit your student best can be class subjects taken so far as well as GPA. The College Review recommends calling and speaking to one of our college guidance prior to winter break so that a student does not waste time taking the wrong exam.

These two college entrance exams are offered at several different times of the year, and each has advantages and disadvantages. 

Typical college entry exams are held during September, October, December, February, April, June, and July. 

Students are advised to complete a college entrance exam by the end of junior year. Finding the correct time of the year for them is essential to ensure their success.

Fall test times boast the advantage of early test taking. Taking the ACT or SAT during September or October means that students will take it much earlier and can make a second attempt easier if needed.

A good rule of thumb is to try to get in at least one SAT/ACT before the end of the year with December being a very popular month. A goal for 11th graders is to have a benchmark score on either SAT or ACT before the new year begins in January.

The Spring tasks in February and April are great times to take college entrance exams. These tests are offered late enough in the year that students have received most of the proper instruction they would get in a classroom. 

Last but not least, we have the June and July summer test times. Having your student take the college entrance exam during the summer can also work because they can study undistracted by regular school life. If a student takes the exam at this part of the year, they also do not need to worry if they have already received instruction for some of the content. 

Overall, students have a lot of different options for when they can take a college entrance exam. It is crucial to figure out what time is best for your student, as maximizing their scores will increase their chance of getting into a college of choice.

If your student needs extra help preparing for their test, consider looking into some of the many great study packages The College Review offers to help students prepare for a college entrance exam. 

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