Is December A Good Time To Take The ACT?

Is December A Good Time To Take The ACT?

It is already that time of year again. The winter test season has returned.

Winter test season garners a lot of attention because many students opt to take a collagen entrance exam at the end of the school year. Taking the exam in March, May, or June gives Juniors the advantage of using any knowledge they accumulate over the school year.

While the experience of new classes certainly helps raise scores, it is essential to strike. At the same time, the iron is hot and solidifies the needed information for a student’s upcoming test.

Studies have shown that setting extra time aside to study for the SAT or ACT exam will help to mitigate any test anxiety a student might have. Even if students know all the important information they need for a test, it is useless if they choke and fail to summon that knowledge during testing.

Another benefit to getting some studying done now is that students are not competing in their finals. While there is certainly some overlapping information between a student’s final exam and college entrance exam, much of this knowledge is specialized and requires its session for studying. 

Many students are busy and only have a certain time allotted to study. Rather than waiting until the end of the school year to study for both finals and an entrance exam at the same time, students would do well to do their college studying early and avoid any cramming.

Not only that, but some students go on vacation toward the end of the school year, further cutting down on their time for studying.

In the end, students who receive proper testing preparation and take the time to study will do better on their exams. Preparing and easing anxiety are the best two ways a student can do well on their collagen entrance exam.

Fortunately, studying does not have to be crammed into a small period at the end of the school year. 

Let the experts at The College Review give tailored, step-by-step instructions to your students. Give students the tools needed to succeed on their tests and raise their scores. 

By providing students with the right assets to succeed now, you are saving them a lot of time and stress in the long run.

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