Why College Essays Matter

Why College Essays Matter

While many do not associate college essays with creativity, the process of writing a personal essay can be used to sell your most unique traits.

Much of the college application process involves numerical data. Grade point averages and test scores measure a student’s academic capabilities on a spectrum ranging from behind the curve to outstanding.

College essays differ from these numbers because they allow students to sell themselves based on factors not accounted for through academics. A student with a more moderate academic standing may be accepted into a school through their lifestyle.

A student who carefully considers which school they want to go to may be given favor over one who casts their lines into many schools. And a well-written college essay is the best way to articulate why a student would be a good fit.

What Defines A Well-Written Essay?

The idea of a “good essay” may be a bit subjective. Still, applications that are frequently accepted tend to share a lot of the same qualities. 

One trait of a well-written college essay is personality. Admissions offices read thousands of essays from all over the country and globe, so you will want to write about something that stands out.

Not everyone is a talented writer, but everyone does have unique experiences to draw from. Finding the right experiences and connecting them to a desired institution is the key to standing out from a crowd.

You will also want to make sure to stay on topic. Providing a direct answer to the essay question will offer more value than extensive fluff written during a tangent.

Make sure your essay has a natural style that is comfortable and easy for readers to follow. A good way to test the tone is to have someone else review your essay before you send it in. More eyes allow for more chances to catch strange wording.

Another important aspect of your essay is grammar. While the subject and style of your essay may be a subjective topic, grammar is not. Make sure you are writing using proper spelling, punctuation, and consistent tense.

A common pitfall for college essays is capitalization. Many students have trouble when writing an essay because the rules for capitalizing academic disciplines, majors, degrees, and program names feel inconsistent.

Make sure to find out which of these elements need to be capitalized before sending in your work.

Lastly, a well-written essay will not go outside of the recommended length. We know it can be difficult to write something short when you have a lot to say, but it is essential not to stray outside of a recommended essay length.

While students may sometimes be rewarded for going the extra mile during an in-classroom assignment, there is no benefit to overproducing a college essay. 

As said before, admissions offices are looking at thousands of applications during a very short period of time. As such, a longer-than-usual essay might actually deter the reader from hearing you out.

What Are The Benefits of Writing A Strong Essay? 

Now that you understand what makes a good essay, what are the benefits of writing one? After all, a well-written essay will take some time and self-reflection.

The main advantage of writing a strong essay is that it helps a student to stand out. When many students apply to a school with the same grades, the accepted students will be determined through their essays. 

This is the extra push many students need to get into their school of choice.

A college essay with a unique tone and interesting perspective can sell that a student is a good match for a campus. Admissions offices want students who will be eager to come to their school and who will contribute to their community.

Concluding Thoughts

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Join one of our certified instructors to have them assist in your writing process. Students have the talent to write a good essay, and The College Review offers the extra push to put their tools together.

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