Should I Submit My Test Score To Colleges?

Should I Submit My Test Score To Colleges?

College applications ask a lot of different things from students. It is very common for college applications to ask more of students beyond GPA and test scores. Many college applications ask for personalized essays explaining why the student should be accepted into the school. These extra steps are used as a means of seeing how students stand out and are used to filter out less substantial candidates. 

Over the summer, it will serve students well to dedicate some time to think about what sets them apart and how to articulate that to others. Readying for a college admissions essay is the first step to being accepted into a school of your choice! 

While some applications ask students for essays or other extra information, all applications will want students to provide their test scores and GPA values. While it is important to try and stand out through an explanation of character, all colleges want studious applicants. There is no better way to prove this go-getting nature than to provide a strong college test score and a high GPA. 

Even if you are not planning on applying to an ivy league school, a high test score on your ACT or SAT will give you a better chance of being accepted into your school of choice. This is important, as your school will provide you with the tools needed for a career you desire. Settling for a school over a lack of test prep is a perfectly avoidable issue that can be remedied. Some investment into obtaining a high score on the ACT or SAT will save students from digging themselves into an unnecessary hole for their education. 

To streamline this process, students will benefit from looking into a service like The Common Application. The Common App is a college admissions tool that serves to prevent students from filling out repetitive information on each and every application they fill out. This application is accepted by over 900 schools and is a great tool for those looking to apply to many different universities. 

In the end, it is up to students to find the drive to write a strong admissions letter and get their GPA values on the higher end of the spectrum. Fortunately, it is not entirely in their hands. Let the admission experts at The College Review give students the tools needed to succeed on their tests and will effectively raise their numbers. By providing students with the right assets to succeed, many will rise to the challenge and utilize their preparation to get the best score possible. 

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