Preparing For College Entrance Exams

Preparing For College Entrance Exams

And Just Like That! - Preparing for College Entrance Exams in 2022

One minute we are getting excited about returning to school, then before you know it we are taking the PSAT. And Just Like That the PSAT report is back and we are deciding which exam (SAT or ACT) to take. Your journey to college has just begun. For many students the holiday season begins to pose the questions from family, friends or even just within ourselves. Which college? What will you major in? The journey may seem daunting but remember, it is your chance to find out about you. Now is the time to find out if math is problematic or how to put together a thesis statement. Many students are unsure of how and when to begin, which is why we have put together an easy 8-point system to help you get set-up and achieve your goals.. Just Like That!

Step 1: When Do I Begin?
Students often wonder when they should begin preparing. The aim is to be ready to take your college entrance exams during your junior year. Ideally, you should try to take the SAT or ACT test in the fall or winter of junior year to avoid conflicts with AP exams in the spring. Are you a rising junior? Given that most students will take college entrance exams multiple times, students should consider completion of exams before senior year.

Step 2: Get to Know the Tests
One of the biggest keys in preparation is familiarizing yourself with the different college entrance exams and it’s truly never too early to begin that process. Watching an expert from The College Review approach the exam is the key to your success. 
The College Review offers free virtual testing once a month or sign-up on our website: for your free ACT exam.

Step 3: Determine Your Goal
First things first. Developing a strategy for test prep will come easier if you know what you’re aiming for. Are you hoping to get into an Ivy League school or have your heart set on a state school? While your exact list doesn’t have to be finalized at this point, pick a few of the schools you’re hoping to attend, then research the average range of scores for their accepted students. Your goal score should fall around the middle to high end of the range.
Having a goal in mind at the outset helps you set a realistic plan for yourself. Aiming for a perfect score? You will probably want to give yourself plenty of time and consider working with The College Review pros that will put together a customized approach, just for you. The College Review goes beyond the exam with our college guidance and application process.
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Step 4: Start Practicing
With your customized plan in place and your College Review coach, you will be more than ready and excited to start your practice. The College Review offers full exam practices free of charge.

Step 5: Choose a Test: ACT or SAT
How do I choose which exam? We take the guess work out for you! The College Review pros will analyze PSAT, GPA, and course work and lay out score information for both exams, always at no cost to you.

Step 6: Learn the Strategies or Learn the Subject?
Learning strategies with no concept behind them is always a recipe for a disaster. The College Review approach is about the goal of college and being prepared. No amount of strategies are going to help a student if they do not know rules of grammar, and the slope intercept formula.

Step 7: Gain the drive and put in the time!
With The College Review experts by your side, you will gain the motivation and the drive to compete with yourself. Your practice exams will start to make sense and will push you to go even further. You are finally in control!

Step 8: You're Not Alone
         Finally a time to really connect with yourself and come into your own. The College Review professionals will take you step-by-step through the entire process and be your 24/7 support system. "I really appreciated my tutor Tom being able to work with my changing schedules." - Alex T. Cleveland Junior. Our tutors are professionals that can offer real world experiences that can help our students from feeling isolated and alone. "I really liked how my tutor Nancy was able to relate real world stories and examples to our sessions." Madeline S. Tampa Junior.

We’re Here to Help You Reach Your Goals!
If you need help in any stage of preparing for college entrance exams, including application and essay assistance, give us a call.
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