Student Evaluation

Student Evaluation

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We'll walk you through, and assist you in the essentials of the college application and selection processes. Each of these steps are vital in getting accepted to, and choosing a top college. We know these steps can be challenging, and it can be easy to overlook some of the necessities. Our certified college experts won't let you miss a beat, and will ease your stress along the way.



  • A thorough review and evaluation of the student’s academic and extracurricular background including transcripts, projected courses, and talents is accomplished
  • Successes, endeavors, achievements and methods to emphasize the student’s strengths
  • Students learn how to effectively utilize the knowledge and experiences gained in high school 
  • Students explore and learn about various college programs
  • Preliminary college lists are drafted



  • Provide guidance for completing supplementary materials for students that have specialized talents, such as musicians, dancers, actors, math/science students, writers, artists or photographers. Often these applications require that additional materials be sent to prospective colleges

  • Detailed requirements for auditions and/or additional applications are examined

Submitting College Applications: 

  • Up to date admission requirements are researched and explained

  • Trouble spots are identified and improved

  • All of the student’s applications are reviewed thoroughly. The college application review consists of polishing essays, the activity resume as well as additional supplementary materials


  • After the applications are submitted, college counselors provide strategic tips on proper ways to show expressed interest as this can be a crucial component in the college admissions process
  • Once acceptances are received, students and parents are guided in making their final decision interviews 
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