Navigating the College Process - Virtual

Navigating the College Process - Virtual

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In this time of upheaval, one thing remains certain: you will eventually attend college! With so many moving parts, a successful college admissions process requires early, careful, and strategic planning. Such planning can feel overwhelming, but by participating in this deep-dive online College 'Boot Camp', you will gain practical skills and knowledge through direct interaction with two top-notch college counselors. 

Our counselors have collectively helped over 2,000 students get into their colleges of choice. Whether you’re aiming for that “Dream School” or are looking for some basic direction, this College Boot Camp will give you all the essentials to jumpstart your college admissions process.  

Week One: Standardized Tests

One of the key factors to achieving a high score on the ACT or SAT is simply knowing which test best suits your testing style and strengths. In this class, you will learn the key differences between the SAT and the ACT, along with strategies for both. Upon completion of this class, students will have identified their test preference (SAT or ACT), and outlined their testing and study schedules. 

Week Two: College Selection

There are thousands of colleges and universities in the U.S., so how do you choose the one best suited to your unique strengths and ambitions? In this module, you will learn about the factors, both commonly discussed and frequently overlooked, that can impact your college selection process. By the end of this class, students will create a list of 5 target colleges. 

Week Three: Essay Writing Part I

The Common Application essay remains the most critical component of a successful college application, yet it also can be one of the most stressful to complete. In this class, we will break down common myths about the writing process, helping you understand the qualities of lively, engaging storytelling that will properly showcase you as an individual and make your application stand out.  

Week Four: Essay Writing Part II 

In this final class, students will select a Common Application essay prompt. They will then learn how to outline the basic arc and narrative of their chosen essay topic. 

4 Weeks 8 hours  

- Academic Assessment

- College List

- Common App Essay formation

Navigate the college process with ease, with the assistance of our experts. Enroll now to begin your journey!

Classes held: Tuesdays 6-8 P.M. EST