Best Test Prep Near Darien, Connecticut

Best Test Prep Near Darien, Connecticut

All eleventh graders in the state of Connecticut are required to take the SAT to graduate high school. 

The test might not be perfect, but it is an effective method of determining which students are ready for the next level in education. A recent study on college enrollment found that states that require college entrance exams have higher college graduation rates.

Some might argue that college entrance exams like the SAT and ACT are “gatekeeping” students from higher education, but the reality is quite the opposite. Below, we explore the benefits of college entrance exams and the best test prep for them in Connecticut.

College Entrance Exam Pros

Even if you don’t like the idea of taking a test you don’t have to (who does?), the test itself has tangible benefits.

Time and time again, studies have backed the idea that the ACT and SAT predict a student’s success in both college and in their careers afterwards. Students with the highest test scores are consistently performing the best throughout college with the lowest drop-out rates. These same students also end up in the highest paying positions post-graduation.

On top of demonstrating core academic prowess, the ACT & SAT are an opportunity to improve your learning skills. If you take the test and don’t initially obtain a score you are proud of, you can study and retake the test.

Not only will this retake get you a better score, but it will improve your ability to learn throughout school in general. While not perfect, it is undoubtedly better than the current alternative provided by test-optional schools.

When a college offers test-optional admissions, more students get in without a strong ACT or SAT score. These schools have been shown to have higher dropout rates than those that require a college entrance exam for admission.

So, while allowing test-optional colleges may attract more students, they have higher dropout rates and do not receive a degree for their tuition cost.

With entrance exams in place, students are able to retake their test in an attempt to improve the skills needed for higher education. The SAT and ACT are an effective means of judging these skills on a widespread, standardized scale.

Benefits of Test Preparation

One reason test preparation is a handy tool for upcoming college students because it helps with peace of mind. Test preparation not only helps to raise the scores of test takers but helps to ease their minds and relax.

Taking a test blind is like a power outage.

A power outage is not the worst thing in the world; it is merely a temporary inconvenience. The problem with a power outage is that it is random and can’t be planned around. You don’t know when a power outage will end.

Tests can be a similar dilemma. Even though a test can be easy for you, you don’t know what is on it before you take it. The only way to find out what is asked of you on a test is to utilize proper test preparation. Going over similar problems to the official test will allow students to ease their minds, as they know what to expect and plan for.

Going into a test blind makes it difficult to relax. Students do not know what to expect from their tests, and it can be stressful to worry about what might surprise them. Even if you are already knowledgeable about all of the information being tested, the student won’t know if there will be a curve ball.

General SAT Testing Tips

While the SAT & ACT modify their content regularly, there are some more general guidelines that will benefit students.

A major element that helps to raise testing scores is to expand vocabulary. A wide vocabulary will help with dissecting questions and articulating information.

Having more words in your arsenal while writing will help your work stand out more. Vocabulary will also help with your spelling, which is helpful in enhancing grammar.

Another way of improving your test performance is through practice and reading. It is impossible for students to give the correct answers if they do not have the knowledge to answer the question. 

Students who study the type of information they are tasked with to prepare appropriately receive higher scores than those who don't.

Lastly, the better you better understand the information that is expected of you, the less testing anxiety you will have. Studies have shown that the simple act of remaining calm during the testing process can raise your score. 

As you might imagine, it is more challenging to make informed decisions when under excess distress. All in all, being prepared is key to not only performing well on the SAT or ACT exams, but also helps ease anxiety associated with testing.

Best Test Prep Near Darien, Connecticut

So now that we know the benefits of the SAT & how test prep can help, let's talk about where to find a good tutor. Fortunately, The College Review offers the best test prep near 06857.

But what makes for effective test prep? Why does The College Review stand out? What makes the service more efficient and helpful? 

While there is some subjectivity in the matter, there are conventions that make for better teachers and more effective classes.

One important factor is student engagement. A recent study on the impact of student engagement demonstrated how vital a student’s attention is. Even if a student struggles to understand all of the details and information, an engaged student will absorb more than a disengaged one.

Engaged students are also more likely to ask questions or for clarification, making communication more precise and practical when providing information.

As such, effective test prep includes active attention from the students involved. The best teachers are able to make a connection with students so that they feel comfortable asking questions and are able to listen effectively.

Another study on effective teaching talks about the importance of “meaning making”. This practice involves explaining the application of the skills and techniques taught. If a student does not understand how to apply a theory, it is not as easy to understand or retain.

The application goes twofold. Effective teaching involves explaining both application for an upcoming exam and the practical application for a technique. Even if an equation or formula is not for everyday use, giving the context of its niche value offers students a better understanding of what is going on.

Lastly, adequate test preparation includes relevant information. This might seem obvious, but even the best teachers will have trouble if they're not able to give information on the test.

While those with a love for learning will appreciate new information for information’s sake, effective test preparation involves info students will be tested on.

Concluding Thoughts

While the ACT and SAT are not a perfect metric for success, a good score will increase your chance of admission to your school of choice. Putting some time into test preparation can ensure the best results possible.

A study on the effectiveness of test prep has shown that test preparation has tangible benefits. As you probably expect, those who spend time studying academic information and testing practices score the best of their standardized tests.

For more information on studying and the steps to get into college, check out our college admission timeline


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