Best Test Prep Near Cleveland, Ohio

Best Test Prep Near Cleveland, Ohio

All Ohio eleventh graders have been required to take a state mandated ACT or SAT to graduate since 2017. College entrance exams have been a standard throughout the country and are considered difficult by many.

A study on the effectiveness of test prep has shown that test preparation has tangible benefits. Those who spend time studying both academic information and best testing techniques score the best of their standardized tests.

The Best Test Prep

So what makes for effective test prep? What makes the service more efficient and helpful? While there is some subjectivity in the matter, there are conventions that make for better teachers and more effective classes.

One important factor is student engagement. A recent study on the impact of student engagement demonstrated how vital a student’s attention is. Even if a student struggles to understand all of the details, they will learn more than any student who is not engaged with the class.

As such, effective test prep includes active attention from the students involved. The best teachers are able to make a connection with students so that they feel comfortable asking questions and are able to listen effectively.

Another study on effective teaching talks about the importance of “meaning making”. This practice involves explaining the application of the skills and techniques taught. If a student does not understand how to apply a theory, it is not as easy to understand or retain.

Lastly, effective test preparation includes relevant information. This might seem obvious, but even the best teachers will have trouble if they're not able to give information on the test.

While those with a love for learning will appreciate new information for information’s sake, effective test preparation involves info students will be tested on.

The College Review Test Prep

The College Review is a test prep company that prioritizes these elements during their classes and private tutoring.

Students will appreciate the small classes focused on a hands-on, engaging approach. The company offers 2-hour classes that give lots of information for such a small investment of time.

Concluding Thoughts

While the ACT and SAT are not a perfect metric, they are mandatory to graduate high school in Ohio. Since students will have to take the test one way or another, putting some time into test preparation can ensure the best results possible.

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