2-Hour Prep For Schools

2-Hour Prep For Schools

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3 Simple Steps:

  • Select a date for your class below
  • After enrollment, a customized flyer will be sent to your email
  • Inform students of their ACT prep opportunity & watch them earn their highest scores!

Choose your date, and one of our experts will teach a live session to students from the comfort of their home. Your students will learn the ins and outs of each section of the test, and finish the course with having learned how to: 

  • Properly answer question prompts
  • Be more efficient with allotted time
  • Be more comfortable while taking the ACT
  • Remember tips, tricks, and insider information on earning higher scores
  • Have a better understanding of the exam, what challenges it consists of, and how to overcome each challenge you may face

This is the ultimate ACT prep and review for high school students with an upcoming exam.  It is completely free for your school to sign up for any number of sessions. The course is just $50 per student.  

Bonus: Your school will receive 10% of total funds each time you sign up for a class. If you select more than one date your school will earn 15% of all funds, and increase to 20% after choosing 3 or more dates.  Contact us at 1-877-EXAM-123 (1-877-392-6123) if you'd like to choose a customized date, or to inquire with questions.